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"I Will Remember You"

Gentle Women United Cause for POW/MIA

It matters not if you are USA, British or Canadian. What matters is that each one of these men went over to fight for our freedom.

Some are still there. Let's bring them home and thank them for the freedom we now enjoy.

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What is a POW/MIA?

A POW is a Prisinor of War and MIA is when they are Missing in Action.

Why Did I Join POW?

It doesn't matter which country you are from as most countries have POW's. I sponsor Canadian POW's because they have died for my freedom. I want to honor that.


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Memorial Wall Picture

(Photo is scanned portion of lithograph from painting "Reflections", the original of which is now owned by a private citizen somewhere in North or South Carolina. The man who posed for this painting is a Maryland State VVA member.)

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Here is where you will learn all about my POW/MIA and why I am involved in this. Here is what you can expect to find here.

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